SSB Interview

Service Selection Board, popularly known as SSB, is an interview process during which three groups of assessing officers evaluate the intelligence level, personality and suitability of the candidate as an officer in the defence forces. To maintain impartial assessment, individual results are not disclosed during the test. Assessment is independent.

Developing individual intellectual, emotional and social skills to achieve individual and organizational competence is a scientific process. The entire process in which the candidate is put through consists of a series of psychological tests and a detailed personal interview. Person will be further tested in a group through very scientifically made series of GTO TESTS/ TASKS. The main aim is to check candidate’s suitability for country’s armed forces. The selection system explores the potential of the candidate from a military leadership point of view. Each method assesses the traits which are essential for armed forces. This is achieved by allowing minimum possible time so that candidate’s naturally projected capabilities can be identified.

There are three types of tests as under.

Psychological Test

Conducted by specially trained psychologist.


Conducted by very senior and experienced officers either president or deputy president in detail. In this test, questions are asked and candidate is assessed regarding his personality traits, his attitude, perception, knowledge and interests based on his stated facts and through posing various situations.

GTO Test

Conducted by qualified officers on ground in which abilities of the candidates are assessed while performing various practical tasks in a group under stress.

Now, when you have chosen Indian armed forces as your career to serve the nation with pride and honour, and wish to be a well-disciplined and most trust-worthy member of one of the best organizations, then be sure that you are in the most reliable and expert hands of Achievers Academy.

The training approach is very scientific, practical and systematic keeping in mind the problems faced and felt by the candidates when they are put through various written entrance tests of defence services and SSB interview. This approach certainly facilitates a candidate’s grooming, foundation, knowledge and stage-by-stage development of leadership traits, English language fluency to improve communication skills by using various latest electronic devices, training aids and equipment for easy and quick assimilation.Training and testing methods are scientific and each candidate's response is closely monitored and corrected on the spot so that he achieves the required competency level. Simultaneous doubt clearing sessions are carried out daily.

Preparation for Corporate Executives

Development of corporate leadership traits and management skills

It is a very scientific approach to achieve the corporate leadership traits and managerial skills. It goes beyond doubt that leadership and managerial skills go together in all fields. Young male and female candidates striving to join corporate sector must develop the qualities and skills of effectiveness, communication, presentation, clear thinking and perception.

Group discussion, general knowledge, current affairs, and interview proficiency are primal and will have to be learnt and practiced well.

Course structure
  • Clear thinking
  • Power of self-analysis
  • Confidence building
  • Positive thinking
  • Clear perception
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mind set
  • Personal effectiveness
  • How to win over others
  • Management skills
  • Manners and etiquettes
  • Social/people skills
  • Language and communication skills
  • Body language and impressions
  • Dealing in corporate environment
  • Listening skills
  • Health and fitness
  • Dos and don’ts